Please remember to save your progress periodically to prevent loss of items in your cart.
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Welcome to the New Website!
Welcome to the new integrated Aloha Website! There are many new functions available that will make ordering online with Aloha easier, as well as a few distinct changes in ordering that will be very important to keep in mind.

  • When ordering through the website we are only able to accept two separate orders, one main order and one order for any add-ons. This ordering system will not combine orders; multiple orders can cause errors or missed orders completely. Any special circumstances will need to be approved through the office.
  • Our policy on order due times of 12pm for main orders and 2pm for add-ons will be closely monitored when ordering online. Any special circumstances will need to be approved through the office staff and if you have any add-ons after 2pm you will need to contact the office directly for approval and invoicing.


Some of the best perks of this integrated platform are:

  • Availability indicator on products
  • Product Specification Sheets available on most all products (This link will take you to the information on the specific product on the Vendors website)
  • Easier to use format and more capable search function
  • Shop by Category broken down further, making it quicker to locate a product

Even if you do not have the want to or ability to order through the website, it is a very useful tool to assist you and your customers.

Navigation of the Website
The following processes are basic steps to navigate the website, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact the office.

Logging onto the Website:
Your Aloha sales representative or a member of our office staff will reach out to you to set up your case sensitive log in information.

  • When navigating to the website the first screen will be where you enter your login information.
  • Once logged in, you will be directed to your dashboard where you will be able to view any pending orders or saved shopping lists.
  • Your cart will be accessible through the “Cart” link at the top right of the screen above the search bar.

From here you can navigate to the “Shop by Category” or use the search bar to locate products to add to your cart for order. You may also click on the “Home” link to go back to the Aloha homepage at any time.

Navigating the Homepage:
The Aloha homepage will display new items, showcased items, and fun tidbits for you to view. The images that rotate, also known as sliders, are “clickable” and will take you to the applicable sections of the website or product section.
You can also click on any “click here” sections or images associated to view our current news, promotion books, price sheets, clearance items, special order items or seasonal items.
Featured products will be a rotating set of available products that may be new, on sale, or pertinent to the season.

Navigating “Shop by Category” Tab:
When selecting Shop by Category, you will be directed to a drop down that lists all Vendors, Seasonal Categories, Clearance Categories, and Special Order Categories.

  • When selecting the Vendor or other category you wish to view products on, you will have the option to go to specific categories either from the drop down, or “View All”  will take you to the listed version of the subcategories
  • Select the Product Category you wish to view and the products associated with that category will be displayed
  • You can add products to your cart through the quick order option on each product
  • Selecting a specific product will allow you to view more detailed information about that product and you can add products to your cart from this screen

Note: if you select “view more details” on a product, clicking the “back button” on your browser will take you to the first page of all the products you were viewing and not the last page you were viewing. Please attempt to add products to cart without “viewing more details” on the product if possible. You can add multiple items that are listed on the same page by putting the quantity you want of each item in the “quick order” quantity box then select add to cart on any of the items, all items with a quantity will be added to your cart.

Navigating the Search Function:
The new search function is more integrated into the system, meaning, you are able to search by partial Aloha product numbers or MGF sku numbers, as well as short descriptions.
Please note: the system does its best to locate all applicable items related to what is searched, there are cases that it may not show any information. Please refer to the Shop by Category in these instances. Also, the search function cannot search by full names of Vendors, rather it can search by the acronyms for the Vendors in the product name. Please contact the office or your sales rep if you are not able to locate a specific product.

Navigating the Cart:
Once you have added products to your cart and are ready for check out, hover your cursor over the shopping cart and click view cart. You can edit quantities of products and check what is available or out of stock.
When ready to check out click “Check Out” and follow through the prompts.

Please note: the shopping cart does not save automatically, if you add to your cart throughout the week before your order date, you will need to save your cart as a shopping list. If you leave products in your cart and your browser is closed and you will lose all items that you have added to your cart.
To save as a shopping list:

  • When viewing your cart navigate to the drop down labeled “Save to List”

  • Click the drop down arrow and select “Create New List”
  • Name the shopping list in the next screen and click “Save” (only number or letters)

  • To add new items to this list add items to your cart, navigate to the “Save to List” and select your created shopping list
  • Once you select the shopping list you would like to add the products to you will get a message to either add the items to your list or to override all products and replace with these new products

  • Select which option is correct for your situation. If you are just adding new items click “Add” if you are starting a whole new order select “Override”
  • Once you are ready to check out from your shopping list, you can access the list from the home page or under “My Account” located top right of the page next to the cart icon
  • Click on your shopping list, then click “Add to Cart” this will add all items to your cart, go through the checkout process from here (if you have items in your cart at the time you want to add items from your shopping list into your cart you will get a message to “Add” or “Overwrite” select what is applicable to your situation
  • Note: If you are able to do your whole order in one sitting you will not need to create a shopping list, just add products to your cart and go through the checkout process

Product Availability Indication:
Since the website is now linked to our ordering system we are able to display in and out of stock products. This function is set up by labeling products that are in stock with “Available” listed under the quick order option when viewing a product in list form, or “Available” will be in red at the top of the product description page.

(The highlighted areas represent where the availability notification is located)
This information is also available when you view your cart. It will indicate which products are in stock by listing “Available” on the right side of the item line.

(The highlighted areas represent where the availability notification is located)

If “Available” is not listed, then the product is out of stock at that time.

(The highlighted areas represent the lack of the availability notification, this product would not be available)

This information is updated in real time, however keep in mind that if there is low stock when you submit the order, the availability may change. If you have any questions on a specific product that is special order please contact the office to make sure of availability.
Please note: listed on the product is “Available In: EACH” this is not the indication of the product availability this is just a notation about ordering the product and that either the single product or case is available to order in an each status.